Sunshine and Summer Nights

The weather here can be temperamental sometimes and the winters are long. They are cold, and dark and really take a toll on me by the time they end. We get thunder storms that come through and blacken the skies. They destroy our crops and homes with large hail. Sometimes I wonder why I like living here through all of the wild weather that we have here…

But then the sun comes out and this part of the world heats up. The days grow long and they are bight and full of life. The summers here are really something amazing. This is also why I haven’t been writing very much. Summer has shown up and the world is starting to open. This means that I’ve been able to leave my house and experience real life for the first time in 15 months.

I’ve been a lot of different parts of the world in my life and I’ve seen a lot of different beautiful, incredible places. But my heart keeps coming back to this place here, on this deck, in this town. There’s nowhere else in the world that I feel quite so at home and quite so comfortable with my own self and with the silence of the world. After a long year and so much craziness, it’s really amazing to be able to sit here, coffee in hand, and reflect on my own life.

I started this blog so I would have something to do while watching the world burn from this very deck. Through all of this and coming out of all of this, I’ve realized just how lucky I truly am. I get to come out here any time I need a refresh or any time I just need to get out of dodge for a while.

When I’m in dodge I’m really a lucky person too. I have my health, a great job that I love, and some incredible friends. Some new, some that I’ve known my entire adult life. This summer is my summer to get out and really experience life to it’s fullest potential. It’s been so long since I’ve been out to do that. I could blame the pandemic for last year, but the truth is that it’s been more than just one summer. It seems like for the last couple years, there has been one crisis or trauma that I’ve had to work through. The pandemic was simply the icing on the cake. There was always something else that needed my attention, just a little more than myself.

This summer is different though. This summer is about making memories. My mom always says that I am a sunshine child. And this summer I fully intend on soaking up as much of it as I can. These blog posts may get fewer and farther between as a result, but that’s okay.

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