Nailed It! (NZD #9)

Since it’s been raining here, I’ve been using the treadmill to go for runs. And while it isn’t considered as effective as an actual road run, there are some advantages to using one that I’m finding out.

One advantage to using a treadmill is the ability to set a pace and maintain it without thinking too much. With training at a lower heart rate my goal is to maintain a heart rate between 144 and 154 bpm for the duration of the run. This is a bit of a challenge when road running because I haven’t quite been able to feel out my pace and usually wind up running around 160-170 bpm. I am working on this but it is very easy on a treadmill (obviously).

Today’s goal, if you remember from yesterday, was to run 8 km. So I got on the treadmill this morning and found my pace. I set this with a goal to stay within that 144-154 bpm range comfortably. As the km’s ticked by, I was feeling pretty good. I was working but not out of breath. 5 km came and went, and normally this would be where I walk for a minute but decided that I likely didn’t need to since I was feeling so great! So I kept going. Next, 8 km came and went. I was still feeling pretty good so I decided that maybe I should keep going. So I kept it up. And then it happened. 10 km. The beast that I have been staring down for the last two weeks has been conquered. It took me 1:01:30 to run it so the pace is about 6:06 min/km. Which is not terrible but I suspect my first 10 km road run may be slower. But that’s okay. I did it, and it wasn’t that scary after all!

I feel like all I’ve been writing about this week has been this fitness journey that I’m on as well. I guess it’s because there is nothing else that is really all that exciting going on. I can’t wait until I can write about other adventures that I am having…. maybe even…. outside the house…. Or in different cities…. Or countries….

Non Zero Day #9


  • Study 4-6 hours.
  • Run 8 km. <- 10 km
  • Upper body and abs day.
  • Get groceries.
  • Read 1 hour.
  • 300 word blog post.


  • Study 2 hours.
  • Clean Headlights and get the oxidization off them.
  • Run 8 km.
  • Leg Day.
  • Make Friday Recipe.
  • 300 word blog post.

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