New Week, New You! (NZD #6)

Well, yesterday I didn’t manage to get a blog post up but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t doing something.

It rained all day yesterday as well. I went for a run but only got about 5 km into it before I decided that here might be a good time to quit, otherwise I would have had to build a boat to get home. With the extra time that the rain afforded me as well, I sat down and really started to take note of my fitness journey so far. While my run distance has been improving, my muscle building and actual weight loss has become pretty stagnant. They do say that your body starts changing when your in your 30’s and I guess it’s about that time to sit down and accept that I am getting…. uh…. older. So yesterday I reworked my entire meal plan and work out plan to better suit the goals and ambitions of a 30-something year old instead of a 25 year old. There will likely be some trial and error but I’ll share what I have once I have it all sorted!

I also had the great opportunity to join an online DnD group as well. It’s the first time that I’ve ever had a chance to explore the classic game, and what a blast it was! It will be a good way to waste some afternoons/evenings with this extended forced vacation. The governments here don’t seem too keen to open anything in a hurry so it will be a while yet I figure.

I do believe that you can have a No Zero Day if you are doing something that you are passionate about as well. It doesn’t have to be entirely dependent on your career aspirations or a “to do” list that you may have been hanging on to for some time. We all need to take time to unwind and breathe. Especially now.

What I achieved today and what I hope to achieve tomorrow:


  • Get Groceries.
  • Run 7 km. <- Ran 8 km.
  • Weight Lifting.
  • Study 3 hours.
  • 200 word blog post.


  • Study 2 hours.
  • Yoga 1 hour.
  • Work on project 2 hours.
  • 200 word blog post.
  • Read 1 hour.
  • Weight Lifting.

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