Sunny Saturday (NZD #4)

Well, it’s Saturday. And in another life that would have meant something. But I guess it’s just another day now.

I’ve been running for a while now, and before this whole mess hit, I was tossing around the idea of maybe working towards running a 10k race this summer. Now that that’s out of the question, I have a new goal to run a 10k in town here. I’ll be racing against myself so I’ll obviously win but it is still something to work towards. My progress has been somewhat stalled around the 8 km mark however. Reading various forums, most people swear by training at a lower heart rate zone to see more results. I started that today. It is a little frustrating seeing the pace increase but I felt pretty good at the lower heart rate and I feel it more in my muscles than if I had have ran my normal pace. This seems a little counter-intuitive but I will try it for the month of May and track my results. I would like to hit 10 km in 2 weeks comfortably.

The sun coming out made for a good argument for cleaning the car today. Since the car is parked outside, and we live in Canada, I turn into a bad car owner 6 months of the year and don’t wash it. The reason for this is that I don’t like dealing with frozen locks/windows. Now that it’s nice out however, she got a good scrub inside and out. Next project is getting those summer tires on. I might be being a bit of an optimist but I’m choosing to believe that winter is over now…. Bold words, I know.

What I achieved today and what I hope to achieve tomorrow


  • 200 word blog post.
  • 8 km run.
  • Study 2 hours.
  • Clean Car inside/outside.


  • Study 4 hours.
  • 200 word blog post.
  • 6 km run.
  • Try to get some air in the bike tires.
  • Air up car summer tires.

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