Exploring Alberta: Campio Brewing (Edmonton)

This past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of seeing one of my favourite bands in concert. With Calgary not having sorted out their arena issues just yet, Edmonton was the nearest city they found themselves in. This meant that my friend and I got to do something that we haven’t done in two years. Gone on a proper road trip. The kind that involves hitting the ground running once you’re checked into the hotel. The kind that means that your food choices can be limited to what you find in Gasoline alley in Red Deer or whatever Tim Hortons is nearest your place of lodging. The kind that involves ingesting more calories in beer than you do food for the next 48 hours. It wasn’t a trip that took us far away but at least for myself, it was a trip that took me back to the times before the world went crazy.

These trips and concerts are my bible, and my church and they bless me once more. To say I’m a born again woman after this weekend would be an understatement.

With that being said, we found ourselves looking for some proper sustenance the day after the show. With heads pounding and bodies aching, and voices sounding like we might belong in an anti-smoking campaign; we found our way to a place called Campio Brewing Co. just a few blocks off Jasper Ave in downtown Edmonton.

The location itself is set in a cozy exposed brick building and the interior is an open floor plan, but it feels very much like you’re sitting with a hundred friends due to the close proximity of all the tables and the bar.

We arrived just as the Oilers game was ending and they still had enough room for us at the bar. While I can’t say much for the Oilers’ fans taste in hockey teams, I can agree with their taste in post game bites and bevvies.

The bartender was quick to acknowledge us and within minutes we each had a beer in our hands. I had the Construction Saison and my fellow weekend warrior had the Campio Premium Lager. The Saison was very close to a whit beer and was exactly the light and fruity beer that I needed to end my suffering. The Lager as well was perfectly balanced and easy to drink. Very much a crushable beer.

Szechuan Tofu

On to the food! For an appetizer I ordered the Szechuan Tofu. It was perfectly balanced between hot and sweet. The portion size was enough to share and the tofu was perfectly cooked.

For the main course, as you can probably guess from the state I was in, was very carb forward and an old classic go to from my pub going days. A Clubhouse stack. This one was made with pulled chicken, buttermilk ranch, bacon, aged cheddar, dill pickles and Vienna Bakery sourdough. The bread was perfectly toasted so it was still soft. the chicken wasn’t dry at all and the buttermilk ranch was, for lack of a better word, divine. The sandwich was served with a side of perfectly cooked and seasoned fries. This was exactly what I needed.

Clubhouse Stack

The menu as a whole has a wide variety of options for all dietary needs, concerns, or wants. They have a beer menu that also has the same amount of flexibility. They also over a large selection of cocktails that are made with gin from the Last Best Brewery here in Calgary as they’re sister Breweries. So whether you’re looking for a cold brewski or a “Re-Groni”, you know where to go on your next trip to our provinces second best city.

If you want to check them out yourself, you can find them at 1257 105 St NW. If you’re looking for their menu, or even some merch, you can find that all on their website here.

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