Let’s try this again (NZD #13)

Yesterday was a complete and utter failure, to do anything. It’s the first day I’ve had since starting this journey where I didn’t manage to do anything towards my goals. In fact, I managed to do the complete opposite.

Saturday night I managed to meet up with my sister for a long over due hang out and well, there was one or two beers consumed, so naturally on Sunday, the only thing that I managed to achieve was collecting some McDonalds. Present me forgives past me for this though. The meeting was very much needed for my own mental health and I feel that I can maybe ride out the next month a little better after talking to a live human being for a night face to face.

I’ve been continuing to run using a lower heart rate as well and I have to be honest, I’m a little surprised that I’m seeing improvements so quickly. It’s either that or that I have just been mentally holding myself back for a very long time. The new goal right now is to run a half marathon my the end of summer. A half marathon is 21 km and should in theory be doable by the time winter comes around again. It’s hard to say if there will be any races going on in the fall in the area either but It might be fun to set running a 10 km race as a goal too..

It’s funny how even during a pandemic, Mondays are still arguably the dullest day of the week. It’s interesting how some things never change.

Non Zero Day #13


  • 300 word blog post.
  • Run 8 km.
  • Study 2 hours.
  • Upper body and abs.


  • 300 word blog post.
  • Run 9 km.
  • Study 4 hours.
  • Leg Day.

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