Exploring Local: Chine Legendary Hot Pot & Noodles

It’s been really humid and cold here lately. Not an indication that spring is on the way at all and it’s really starting to drag me down. While the weather may be dreary, it’s a perfect opportunity to check out something that I’ve been wanting to do forever. Hot Pot!

As a soup, communal meal, and Asian food enthusiast, this is something that I really have been wanting to try for a long time. And I have to admit…. I’m hooked.

Wide variety of options to go with your broth

The concept is that you choose your broth, and then you choose what you would like to go in it to cook. They have a selection of 11 broths, ranging from mushroom, vegetable, chicken, beef, pork, and even spicy options. If you are sensitive to spice, I would recommend getting a non spicy broth and adding some chili oil from the sauce bar (You read that right, they have a sauce bar) to your own taste and tolerance. I got the mild legendary spicy broth and it was plenty spicy for a seasoned professional like myself.

Once you’ve chosen your broth, you get to pick what you would like to go in it. For 2 people, one of each option was plenty. We went with sliced beef, meatballs, quail eggs, fresh tofu, bamboo, ramen noodles, lotus root, oriental radishes, and broccoli. There’s so many other options though that include everything you could imagine. From pork, chicken, beef, vegetables, and seafood.

The broth is thick, and perfectly spiced

The servers were very informative and explained everything really well and took the time to explain everything to a couple of newbies even though it was really busy. The food came quickly and everything was really quite good.

I would highly recommend this place for a low key, casual date night or even a group outing with friends. I know I’ll be going back.

If you would like to find them you can catch their website here. Or you can find them at 8971 Bonaventure Drive SE.

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