And the Mountains Will Bring Me Peace. (NZD #2)

I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now and live in it forever.

― Suzanne Collins

It’s the end of April. And that means that it is warm enough now that what comes from the heavens above is rain now. Which is what it’s been doing all day today. There is something that is very peaceful about the rain coming through the mountains here. I could watch it wash the past season away for hours. There is a song that comes along with it as well. It’s been rapping on the window. Pitter patter…. Although they fall chaotically the rain drops sound rhythmic on the glass. Mother Natures song and dance. Outside of the sound of the raindrops making contact with Earth, the rest of the area is eerily silent. All of the animals and insects are hiding from the skies that have opened up. Even the monsters that tower in the background here seem to be trying to hide from the onslaught.

On cloudy days the evergreens appear even more brilliant against the grey background

I’ve been to many places around the world and there is something about the mountains that will always keep calling me back. It’s impossible to say what will happen in the future but I do know that this place will always be my home. There is no escaping that fact I don’t think. And my attachment grows stronger with every passing season.

What I hoped to achieve today and what I want to achieve tomorrow


  • Write another blog post at least 200 words long, Subject doesn’t matter.
  • Run 8 km.
  • Weight lifting.
  • Clean Treadmill and put boxes back in storage. (Still need to store boxes)
  • Read for 1 hour.
  • Study for 3 hours.
  • Work on course project for 1 hour.
  • Find a weekend meal recipe to try. <- Check out the results tomorrow!


  • 200 word blog post.
  • 1 hour yoga.
  • Weight lifting.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Study for 2 hours.
  • Course project for 1 hour.
  • Cook weekend recipe.
  • Read for 1 hour.

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