How to survive….. Yourself

“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die,
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”

― Langston Hughes

Well, things have certainly escalated quickly around here. And they are continuing to escalate. As of me writing this, Canada has surpassed the 1000 confirmed case mark, and we have had our first few cases in the valley here. Which means that it will only grow from there. Like many people, my work is closed for the foreseeable future (As it should be) and I am stuck at home. Fortunately, my social life lack of a social life in the last year has somewhat prepared me for an extended stay in the house. Isolation can take a pretty serious toll on someone and I am here with some helpful tips to keep the wheels from coming off the mental, physical, and proverbial bus.

You are your full time job now

What does this mean? It is a bit of a strange thing to say. But if you are not working and stuck at home, it is incredibly easy to fall into a rut. And if you are like me, you could wind up just napping and watching netflix all day. If napping was an Olympic sport, I would win gold every time. The opposite end of that would be that you could treat every day like a Friday. This probably wouldn’t be a good idea either and can also lead to some mental health deterioration.

Here are some things that I have been doing now that the first week of isolation is coming to a close:

  • Set your alarm: Wake up at your regular time that you would be waking up for work.
  • Stay physically active: Maintain your workout regimen. Hell, use this extra time to throw in an extra 10 minutes on your run, or an extra set of squats.
  • Maintain your diet: This one may be a bit more of a challenge with all the assholes out there. But, don’t let yourself get into a habit of just eating pasta 3 times a day while you sit on the couch. There is not a food shortage from a supply chain point of view and most people are not looking to buy fresh fruits and other perishables. I haven’t had to alter my diet a whole lot throughout this.
  • Start getting through your “To Do” list: We all have it. That list of things that we keep trying to get through. You now have an extra 8+ hours a day to get through it.
  • Work on yourself: Ever wanted to start learning another language? Maybe try to start playing guitar? Now is a great time to start picking something up!
  • Get outside: Please, Please go outside. Most of us have a front step, or deck, or yard, or some way to get some sun. You only need to distance yourself from other people by 2 meters and spending days inside is not doing you any favours. Just wash your hands when you get home or just sit on your deck and read a book.
  • Call/text/message your friends and family: We live in an incredible time right now where we can stay in touch with everyone around the world instantly. Make sure you call your friends and family. It can get really lonely, especially without a spouse or a pet.

In all fairness as well, I am only through my first week and it feels more like a vacation but I have committed myself to do a few things. I am writing them down here because writing them down does make me accountable in some way to achieve them. I can also keep you all updated on my progress.

  1. Get through my reading list: This may be a little ambitious as there are about 15 books on it but I have started last night and should finish my first one by tomorrow.
  2. Add another kilometre to my run: This one should be relatively easy. I am running approximately 6 km and would like to increase it to 7.
  3. Run 6 days a week: This one may be relatively easy as well as I have done it before and my back is starting to feel better finally. I am currently running 5 days.
  4. Try new cocktail recipes: These will be included in my dinner posts as usual but I have time now to experiment will all kinds of things. Maybe I will take an online course as well.
  5. Finish some games: Like everyone, I have a huge list of games to try and get though and now that my evenings are free, it might be a good time to get through them. I will start with the Fallout series. Seems fitting.

There you have it. This will be a challenge but if we all work together we will get through this. Remember, Isaac Newton came up with the theory of gravity during a self quarantine. Just because you aren’t outside doesn’t mean you are not capable of great things!

What are all of your plans for getting through your isolation/quarantine? Let’s share some ideas!

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