Now it’s time to press F5

“Things do not change; we change.”

-Henry David Thoreau

I’ve always dreamed about what it may be like to start over. Well, like most dreams, there was a vision of how this might be accomplished. Unlike most dreams however, real life has a way of not adhering to the plan whatsoever. This is a well known fact and I’m sure you are all wondering why I feel like I should state the obvious before delving into the reasons behind this post. This is simply to outline how such a simple concept can have such a big impact on what would consider, life.

Over the last little while, I have gone through what I would best categorize as a hard reset. There have been many lessons learned, willingly as well as not so willingly and there are still some good ones to come. During this period of time I have found myself becoming someone that I don’t like. This person is bitter, resentful, and to be honest, a little afraid of the world. For someone who likes to live their life in moments, this is not a good state to be in and can be an easy state to get stuck in. This I suppose is the purpose of this blog.

Coming to a clean slate that you have become comfortable with is both liberating and terrifying at the same time. Now, here I am in a situation where the world is pretty well my oyster, but it is missing that pearl. How do you make a decision when there are an infinite number of answers? How do you know whether it is the right decision or not? Hell, how do you know you are even facing the right way? What do I do with my free time in between figuring out life’s answers? These are all questions that I am sure everyone has, will have, or had so it is not a unique situation but now you all get to be a part of this journey with me and maybe find some things out about your own universe along the way.

On thing you will learn about me is that I am passionate about Good food, good music, and good beer. Like most millennial’s, I like to try new kinds of food and drink as much as my wallet will let me. This is a good place to start trying to figure life out as you can’t do much on an empty stomach. Once a week I will be selecting a recipe to make at home and will be reviewing it for all of you lovely internet folks. This review will also include an entirely uneducated beer or wine pairing of my choice, along with a review of an album that I have listened to while preparing the feast. It’s time to answer the burning question of what TOOL album would best pair with a Beef Wellington or Ravioli in a Vodka Cream sauce. If you have a suggestion you would like me to try, or hear, please, let me know in the comments! After all, knowledge is best when it is shared.

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